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    Espressotamper 5,7 cm


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    Espressotamper aluminium

    5,7 cm

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    • Diameter: 57 mm
    • Hoogte: 9,5 cm
    • Gewicht: 230 gr
    • Materiaal: aluminium
    • Kleur: glans
    • Handafwas
    • Uitvoering: vlak


    How to Tamp

    To begin, place your portafilter basket of leveled,

    ground coffee on a counter for support.

    Take extra care to place the tamper down as flat
    as possible over your ground coffee in the basket
    to preserve all your leveling work.

    Press down evenly with twenty to thirty pounds
    of pressure, focusing more on being even than on pressure.
    Twist the tamper as you lift it upwards to prevent
    the coffee grounds from lifting with the packer.
    Gently remove the tamper.
    Optional*:Tap the side of the basket gently
    to release the grounds clinging to its' sides. Do
    not tap too hard or you will risk breaking the
    coffee pucks adhesion with the basket. This
    would create a shortcut for the brewing water,
    leading to a weak extraction.
    Now, using a full thirty pounds of pressure tamp
    down the coffee again.
    Twist the tamper a full two turns with twenty
    pounds to polish the surface smooth. Properly
    polishing the coffee puck will ensure that the
    high pressure water used when brewing won't
    pit or crack through your grounds.


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    Espressotamper 5,7 cm

    Espressotamper 5,7 cm

    Espressotamper aluminium

    5,7 cm

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